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Himalayan Yoga Travels offers tour packages both independent and lead by one of our knowledgeable guides.  We also offer wholesale packages for teachers and those who want to guide their own groups.

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The land of color and the birthplace of yoga, India embraces all spiritual seekers at the core and takes you on a journey just by saying YES to her

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Home of the tallest mountain in the world and the birthplace of the most famous yogi, Shakyamuni Buddha, Nepal is a wonderland of spirituality, nature, adventure and pure power. She will melt your heart and change you forever

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Roof of the World and home to holy Mt Kailash, Tibet is one of the most mysterious spiritual places on earth and will generously gift you the power of focus as it does not easily let your mind wander into ordinary or the future. Only when you arrive on her soil can you fully understand this

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Known for its incredible nature and focus on gross national happiness over gross national products, Bhutan is a Buddhist country with incredible scenery and lore. Her blend of modern identification with ancient mythology will easily allow you to bring her gifts back home with you and apply them in your everyday life

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