Nepal in the list of ‘Must Travel’ spots for 2016

//Nepal in the list of ‘Must Travel’ spots for 2016

Nepal in the list of ‘Must Travel’ spots for 2016

Sometimes considering the recommendations of experts before planning your next vacation may actually help you plan the perfect vacation that you have always had in your mind….

This year, Nepal is the most recommended site by most of the leading travel guides and magazines around the world.

Despite the devastation caused by the earthquake, one of the planet’s leading guidebooks ‘the Rough Guides’ has placed Nepal on the top of the list of a must-visit destination for the year 2016. Similarly, Nepal has also secured good ranks (if not the first place) in the list published by other travel and tourism publications: National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Cool List 2016, award winning travel webzine AFAR’s Top 10 Coolest Destinations for 2016, Forbes’ 14 Coolest places to visit in 2016, Travelers Today’s  5 Places You Need to see in 2016 are just to name a few.

 This time interesting history, alluring landscape and exclusive culture are not the only reasons why Nepal is on the list of these travel guides. There is more to it…

 As per Forbes, visiting Nepal in the year 2016 presents travelers a chance to be a part of and witness country’s rebirth. Similarly, Fodor, the world’s largest publisher of English language travel guides, highlights the opportunity to combine community work and adventure.  AFAR claims, your dollars will directly fund the relief efforts and the most recent, The Rough Guide, says, if the dollars are spent thoughtfully, that is, by choosing independent home-stays and grass roots tour companies, the money will end up in the pocket of local people, which will eventually help them to get back to their normal lives faster.

Since the economy of the country highly depends upon tourism, the declining state of tourism after the devastating earthquake, which rattled down the infrastructure along with the determination of the Nepalese people, massively deteriorated the economy and the lifestyles of the people. Despite these chains of events, Nepalese, with their resilience is already set to get back on track towards developing. In such case, it would really be a boost if the tourism along with foreign volunteers would flourish in Nepal.  Let the next trip you plan to have a hidden agenda, the one, which would help a country get back from its ruins.

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